Transforming the core of business.

We’re changing core transaction processing for all, forever!

RTCore is inviting banks to be part of a consortium “Blockchain Challenge” to participate in the first global real-time core blockchain-enabled transaction processing system. If you are interested in getting information on what Consortium membership entails, click the button below.


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RTCore was designed to overcome the burden of batch-driven data-processing software and technologies by providing real-time transaction processing and settlements to the financial services industry. Legacy systems are incapable of using and distributing data and information for the benefit of everyone, so we set out to solve that problem.

What we developed is a functionally sophisticated, fully secure, cloud-native software system designed to process and integrate massive amounts of data for any type of business in virtually any industry.

Whether you’re a small business or a large multi-national corporation, RTCore can manage all your core transaction processing needs at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

We live in a real-time economy. Shouldn’t your transaction processing be real time, too?

Scalable Technology

RTCore is a software platform not only for today, but also for tomorrow and the years that follow. RTCore can grow and adapt with ease.

  • The flexibility our solution offers is a sure way to future-proof your business.

  • Employees, partners, and customers can easily find the data they need when they need it – even with new databases or platforms.


RTCore can be deployed across any operating system, machine, or cloud platform, including Azure, AWS, Google, and IBM.

  • Switch cloud providers with minimal headache if pricing, performance, or offerings change.

  • It also means you can take a multi-cloud approach which sees workloads split between providers.


RTCore is resilient, highly manageable, and easy to configure and quickly adapt to changing operating conditions and environments.

  • Simplify multi-channel integration, improve back-office efficiency, and increase the velocity and exchange of money.

  • Upgrade product innovation and launch and enhance fraud management detection.

Solving problems is what we do best.

RTCore is a multinational software company that is delivering core processing solutions that are agile and easy to scale up (or down) on-demand, adhering to organizational computing needs across all devices.