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Our mission is to explode blockchain’s global potential to provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to traditional cross-border payments methods.


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Our senior management team is comprised of industry-recognized CIOs, CTOs, and senior executives whose careers include experience at U.S. banks, global tech companies, and international consulting firms. We use a collaborative implementation approach that establishes fluid and continuous communication throughout the full life cycle of the engagement by:

  • Promoting software-product and technology-platform knowledge transfer and expertise within participant client teams from the very start of collaboration
  • Introducing business-value driven processes to ensure successful system utilization by participant user communities

  • Placing on-line awareness and control of application development, enhancement, and testing clearly in the hands of participating customers

  • Enabling more efficient and effective development and integration of software solutions across the financial services organization and its lines of business

  • Significantly lowering overall integration costs

  • Improving operating efficiencies within and between lines of business, operational departments, and technical departments, thereby offering the opportunity for greater solution and capability re-use

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Rewarding Employees
  • Excellence

Batch processing presents three problems for system managers.

First, a batch process can impact other batch jobs running concurrently. Even if the batch jobs are scheduled to run during off-hours, for example, from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., a system problem or a day of high transactions could cause the batch workload to spill over into business hours. Although not quite as bad as downtime, having a batch workload still running at 10:30 a.m. the next day could make online customers wait several minutes for each transaction, ultimately leading to fewer transactions.

Second, batch processes can never be run together with the online portion of the workload during business hours.

Third, problems with data, errors, and program crashes that occur during batch jobs bring the whole process to a halt. The inputs must then be carefully checked before the job can be run again. Even minor data errors, such as typos in dates, can prevent a batch job from running.

  • Increased business agility and competitive time to market with new products
  • Dramatically reduced total cost of ownership
  • Minimized use of technical staff
  • Optimized integration with both external and internal legacy systems
  • Reduced operational risk through streamlined business processes and increased control points
  • Integrated Application Architecture: A modification or enhancement – or even an entirely new module – can be added quickly and easily, as the impact is limited to its shared functions, processes, and data flows. As such, entire modules can be developed and deployed in days or weeks.
  • Multi-Layer Technical Architecture: Provides a clear separation between the application’s execution layers, facilitating the continued enhancement, maintenance, and upgrading of business functions and processes. This separation allows the latest versions of technologies to be installed as independent and isolated upgrades.

RTCore is an event-driven, cloud-native, real-time core system with major characteristics, including:

  • Modular: Flexible deployment through clearly defined connection points
  • Interoperable: Accessible to and from any platform
  • Available: Independence between business process logic and data structures
  • Reusable: Minimizes effort and reduces maintenance costs


RTCore is a multinational software company that is delivering the financial services industry’s first and only real-time core transaction processing solution: The RTcore Software Suite. Our software suite is a post-modern, cloud-native, event-driven, mission-critical transaction processing system designed on a sophisticated business process architecture.


Banks can operate independently under one single platform.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

You choose how to deploy. Centralized or decentralized. It’s always your call.



Parameter-driven local currency maintenance.

Defining Company Currency

Easily specify the currency for each member in the company hierarchy.



Operations availability despite time zone restrictions.

Power of the cloud

Deploy locally, nationally, or globally without time zone disruptions.



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Scale as your business grows.

Legacy systems are built on archaic, silo-based, monolithic architectures.

The result? A modification to one application impacts multiple applications, all requiring impact analysis, maintenance, modifications, coding, integration testing, and performance analyses. In most cases, simple requirements can take months to complete.

Not so with RTCore.